A Safe Place: A Relaxation Technique

beach-scenes_3399The safe place exercise is a very common technique to help learn, practice and then easily access a state of relaxation.  You may know it already, but it is always worth reviewing.

I recommend reading the script over a couple of times before trying it yourself.  If you can have a friend read it to you, that can be even more helpful so you can fully concentrate on the experience.


Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathe.
Breathe in, fill your abdomen with air and exhale a little longer than you inhale.

Try to clear your mind.  If there are distracting thoughts gently sweep them away.

Picture yourself in a safe place, go to a place in your mind that feels calm and safe.  It can be a place that you have been to before, or it can be a place you’ve never been to.

What do you see?  What colors are there?  What objects do you see?

Do you see any textures?  Can you feel the textures?  What is the temperature in this place?

Are there any sounds or noises?  Can you hear anything in this place?

Can you smell anything?  Are there any fragrances?

Is there anything to taste in your safe place?  Taste it, what does it taste like?

Are there any beings in your safe place with you?

How do you feel in this place?  How does it make you feel to be here in your mind?

Remember all the things that you saw, heard, smelled, touched or tasted.  Engage all yoru senses.  Remember  how you felt in this safe place.

Remember that you can come back here anytime; that it is in you, so you can come here whenever you want and bring back the feelings that it gives you.

Whenever you are ready, return your attention to your breathe.
And then whenever you’re ready, open your eyes.

If you are able to develop a safe place, and it helps you feel relaxed, practice this exercise so it will be like a sharpened tool, ready for use at any time.   You can do the safe place to help you relax before you go to sleep, to manage anxiety in a tense situation (like if you’re afraid of flying, etc).  Use the safe place whenever you want to get in touch with relaxed, calm feelings.


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